Pirate Isles

Encounter a tropical exotics, Take a command over a crew of pirates, Search mysterious isles for treasure caches, Fight for the gold with other




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Description of Pirate Isles:

The game Pirate Isles is a game of strategy and luck. The player controls the team of pirates to explore the island and collect more gold on his/her ship then enemy teams of pirates. The game can be played with multiple human players as well as with computer controlled pirate teams.

Your task is to command the team of pirates to collect as much sacks of gold as you can, and gather more gold on your ship then other pirate teams.

From 1 to 4 players can play the game. Each player has one ship (the galleon) and four pirates under his/her command. At the game start all pirates are on their ship and the fog hides the cells of the map - there can be anything hidden in the fog.

In the start of each player's turn the dice is rolled indicating a number of movement points for this player. The player can move his/her ship, one or more pirates. With each move, the movement point will be subtracted from the full amount and, when all movement points will be used, then the turn of the next player will begin.

Please, note that in demo version you will not be able to play on maps of sizes greater then 4x4 without limitations. You can play, on such maps but only once. Please, register, and you will be able to tast a real long campaigns on isles up to 12x12!

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