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Creates schedules, tracks stats and publishes league newsletters.




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Description of Golasso Sports League Toolkit:

Golasso Sports League Toolkit is the all-in-one tool for sports league directors. Create round robin and unbalanced schedules for leagues of 4 to 32 teams, with home and away games automatically balanced. Assign factors such as dates, times, fields, and umpires to each game with the Assignment utility, featuring the Random Assignment Generator that allows you to enter a list ofnames of umpires and have them randomly assigned to the games being played each week. The Balancing Utility allows you to schedule game times such that each team plays the same number of early and late games each season. After a schedule is complete, the software collects game results and up to 20 team stats of your choice for tracking during the season. Stats templates provided for baseball, basketball, football and soccer. Add non-league games or enter your own schedule for tracking. Create tournament bracket grids. Options for ranking the standings of the teams accomodate methods used in all types of sports. The AutoNews feature creates newsletters for each league in seconds and publishing tools include the Trophy Box Score, a large print box score and text description that fits in a standard picture frame. Stores 899 leagues for processing. Ideal for school districts, parks departments and intramural directors.

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