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FDS-FlightDynamicSimulator is the simulation of the realistic dynamic behaviour of an aircraft on a PC-PersonalComputer.




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Description of Flight Dynamic Simulator:

The main idea of FDS is the simulation of the realistic dynamic behaviour of an aircraft. Therefore FDS includes¡¤ calculation of the aerodynamic forces for the aircraft parts (wing, fuselage, rudder, elevator, landing gears, etc.) with analytic equations and parameters from wind tunnel experiments,¡¤ calculation of the propeller thrust with analytic equations,¡¤ calculation of the jet engine thrust with solving the gas turbine process with/without bypass and with/without afterburner,¡¤ calculation of the gear forces as a spring/damper system and of the wheel forces with analytic equations,¡¤ configuration of the aircraft parameters in a user friendless GUI (Graphical User Interface)The aircraft parameters are editable in a GUI-GraphicUserInterface, build with Tcl/TK (http://www.scriptics.com/resource/software ).FDS can be used for¡¤ learning flying as a pilot sitting in the aircraft or as a pilot fixed to ground with RC-RemoteControl of an aircraft model,¡¤ creating aircrafts in different configurations and testing their characteristics in flight,¡¤ flying an Air Race.For more informations you should visit http://www.flight-dynamic-simulator.de

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