Puzzles brings you an amazing original 'twist' to the classic jigsaw, with georgous graphics and polished gameplay...




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Puzzles brings you an amazing original 'twist' to the classic jigsaw, with gorgeous graphics and polished gameplay. If you fancy a relaxing afternoon building puzzles but without losing pieces or struggling to find that 'last bit of the blue section', grab this game and watch the hours fly by.

Puzzles takes the pieces and places then for you but it's still a great way to put together a jigsaw. Simply rotate the pieces until they fit into place, but it's harder than it sounds as teh images create optical illusions as you stare at the screen looking for the piece that's the wrong way round.

It's great relaxing fun as you slowly but surely work your way through the amazing pictures to finish the game. This game offers some amazing still images for you to play through with the mouse controls and intuative on screen system. There's even a help mode if you get stuck, but you can only use it a few times per game.

If you like to kick back and relax every now and then but don't know what to do with yourself then grab a nice hot cup of tea and sit down to enjoy what is possibly the most stress free game out there, it's not boring - it's relaxing as you almost feel the rays of that Ibiza sun on level 1, or sink into the great organic images that follow. Try it you might like it, and if you do why not buy it and support independent games developers? You know it makes sense ;)

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