Addictive 3D gamplay in this original twist on the minesweeper theme. Clear the blocks while avoiding the bombs...




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You've never played a puzzle game if you haven't played this! Easy to pick up and impossible to put down, you'll be playing this classic every spare moment you get. Simply clear the blocks without falling foul of the hidden bombs, you'll be able to find them if you follow the flags, but be careful - it's not as easy as it looks. Great 3D graphics, addictive game play. Download the free version now or treat yourself to the full version today. You won't regret it.

The most impressive Minesweeper rewrite ever is what they're saying about Matrix¡êd as it receives award after award for game play. But this isn't just another minesweeper clone, it's 3d and not just in looks. You're presented with a 3 dimensional matrix of cubes, each with associated flags, which you can spin in any direction. The rules are simple, clear the matrix and find the bombs but stumbling across them won't work, you've got to mark them as bombs using your logical thinking.

If you think that sounds easy, you're deeply mistaken as Matrix3D is the most original slant on the minesweeper puzzle genre ever. With multiple skill levels and various sized maps you'll find Matrix3D challenging in those spare moments. We'd go so far to say that you'll be wasting many hours on this one, with it's addictive game play and lovely 3d graphics, Matrix 3D has been hand crafted by developers who wanted to push the genre to new heights.

Matrix 3D has everything you'd expect from a minesweeper and so much more, download the demo now and give it a go, you'll thank us when you finally drag yourself away from it. Remember to buy the full version if you love it to support the independent developers that worked so hard to bring it to you.

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