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7D Rings it is the fine logical game easy to manage which will though requires from you certain persistence in solution of the puzzle. The purpose of




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Description of 7D Rings:

7D Rings it is fine logic game. The game has a nice and clear interface with a lot of unexpected features. The game will require from you a certain attention and persistence because it will not appear to be simple to solve the puzzle that may seem so simple at first sight. The purpose of the game is to collect in succession all balls of one color rotating the intersected rings with multi-coloured balls in turn. As you succeed the complexity of the game will grow due to the greater mixing intensity of balls and the increase of the quantity of rings. You can place the best results of your games in the table Top Scores in Internet. The other players will see and estimate you achievements. Requirements: 166MMX PC with a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT, High Color video mode.

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