Cubex: A strategy game, great 3d fun as you battle to control the arena, includes multiplayer option...




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Description of Cubex:

Battle against the computer or your online friends in a challenging struggle to control the game area. Place your markers to mark your terrain, but watch out!! one wrong move could spell disaster.

Cubex is the most original game we've seen in years but with a long history in holiday trips and back seat amusement for kids from the years gone by, and we don't mean smooching in the car either ;) Cubex is a real gem with great 3d graphics and an awesome soundtrack as you carefully choose points on a 3d grid system to take control of game squares. Each player takes turns highlighting points until a square is formed, that square then belongs to the player that highlighted the final corner, who also gets another turn.

Remember that? as your parents drove you on that long summer trip? hours of fun battling to control the squares of the gridded paper, only in Cubex you don't need to slowly bake in the back of the car on some boring trip, you can play online with your buddies from around the world or against the fiendish computer players. Oh, and did we mention that the Cubex version of gridded paper is more like amazing complex origami meets Disney's Tron?

You've got to see it to believe it as the grid system bends and twists around complex and intricate levels to form some really outstanding play areas. Fancy a cool challenge? want to be in on the best kept secret in strategy gaming? Cubex is the one for you, download the demo right now and sit back and enjoy the ride :)If you love this game, and we think you will, the buy a copy and support independent games developers.

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