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Description of PA Home Router:

PA Home Router opens and closes specific ports on your router based on parameters that you define, thus allowing you to make maximum use of the Port Forwarding features of your home router simply and without sacrificing security. Many types of programs use the Port Forwarding feature for communication; examples include video conferencing, multiplayer gaming over the internet, and so on. Unfortunately, the procedure for opening ports is not always simple or user friendly. This leaves you with the following options:
; don't open ports (which means you can't play games over the internet or use any applications that require ports to be opened); spend time programming your router software, then manually open and close the ports when you need them (depending on the router, this can be time consuming and have limited flexibility); opt for an all-or-nothing scenerio--i.e., you open all ports even though you only need access to one (thus making your computer more succeptible to attack from an outside source).
PA Home Router solves these issues. First, it provides simplicity; you can open and close ports via the click of your mouse rather than having to dig deep into the router's software to make the changes manually. In fact, you can train PA Home Router to AUTOMATICALLY open the designated ports whenever you launch a specified application and then close the ports when you exit that application. Second, PA Home Router allows you to keep the best possible firewall security by opening only those ports that you need. In addition, you can create 'profiles' for the items you use frequently. Each profile stores the relevant information about the application, including the specific port used for communication, and allows you to activate that profile either automatically (whenever the program is launched) or manually (through the click of your mouse).

Other features include the sharing of profiles, an inbound/outbound Internet Activity Log, one click Port Forwarding activation, and much more.

PA Home Router allows you to retain the maximum possible firewall security while at the same time enabling you the flexibility to run across-the-internet software such as games and video-conferencing. You can have peace of mind that you have taken steps to minimize risk to your computer. Best of all, you don't have to be a computer genius to use it.

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