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Feel the adrenaline rush with this addictive and challenging puzzle/action game.




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Description of Tobi In Panic:

Feel the adrenaline rush with this addictive and challenging puzzle/action game. The player must guide Tobi around cunningly designed maps on his quest to eliminate the mean bullies. Climb ladders, slide down poles, collect and launch bombs, while nasty pursuers out to capture Tobi follow closely behind. Rather than just offering players the same numbing gameplay of run-and-shoot games, Tobi has to collect bombs that are scattered in the levels. Use the bombs wise and the enemies will be defeated when a bomb explodes at the right time in the right place. But be careful: Tobi can also be harmed by an exploding bomb. Place the bombs strategically and run away fast, so Tobi will not lose after setting off a bomb. This introduces a cerebral element: a quick mind is as important as sharp reflexes. There are many possible solutions for every level, and the fun in the game comes from the challenges and sense of discovery when you find a new solution to the same level. The game automatically saves the players' progress after every level, so you can stop and continue any time you want, making this the perfect time killer. Tobi In Panic is a totally different experience from other action games. You must use a keen sense of timing to place the bombs and a pure logic to keep Tobi alive and complete the stages in the quickest possible time. Tobi in Panic is easy to learn, but hard to master. If you want a fun game which will challenge both your reflexes and your wits, Tobi in Panic provides 100 levels of addictive, non-violent entertainment for all ages!

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