Tiny Cars

An arcade racing game with a top-down view for adults and kids who like speed.




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Description of Tiny Cars:

    Tiny Cars is an amusing arcade racing game with a top-down view that will strike you with the tumult of the colored racing tracks. By playing this game, you get a chance to drive a car through deserts, rush with the winds on country roads, test your driving skills at rocky mountains and fall in love with perfidious winter roads. Nine beautiful cars will become your faithful friends. Each car possesses different characteristics and is unique. The ability to choose different cars will make you see the same tracks from a new perspective each time you play. By passing tracks and choosing different cars, you can experience and practice different driving styles, from virtuoso to insolent making sharp turns and searching for a better way through impassability of roads. Funny graphics help you to relax. Complexity will excite you. Kids and adults can equally enjoy it.

    Game features:10 tracks are like ten worlds that are drawn by hand.; 9 cars possess different individual characteristics; Advanced championship passing structure; The depth of each world-track environment underlines some animated features/creatures ; Tracks are painted with soft color solution; There are some funny car movements, that will make you laugh and enjoy the game. While bumping into a competitor's car, you can push the competitor to the flank, as well as get some additional impulse for overtaking the other cars. ; The game has many soundtracks and different championships have their own music themes.; The game contains no violence and doesn't provoke aggression: the cars pull and push, but do not crash.; The option ofwindowed graphics mode gives an opportunity of doing several thingsat the same time while playing the game.

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