Tankwarz Arcade game for arcade addicts. Blast your enemies into oblivion with this windows 2D Tank blaster classic.




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Description of Tankwarz:

TankWarz is a simple Arcade style Blast Em Up which will remind you of early arcade games. In this 2D blaster you control a military tank which has the simple mission of enemy destruction on that level, each level has a set number of tanks to destroy and they will just keep comming until that level is cleared. You have infinate gun shots and 15 mines per level. You may think this is easy but when there are 8 tanks on screen after you, you will feel the trigger itch and the adrenaline pump. Extra lives and smart bombs are also available to aid your experience, and you WILL need them!. The A-Team sound track will get your tank pumped up to maximum killling level. Just try and stay alive throughtout the 20 levels and you can really call yourself a TankWarz master.

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