Software to administer your Fantasy Racing League. NASCAR, F1, CART, IRL, etc.




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Description of RaceScore:

RaceScore is a statistics-management program for racing fantasy leagues. Take the busy work out of fantasy league administration and provide accurate detailed reports with this easy-to-use, must-have utility. You can manage and track scores from the most popular forms of motor racing, such as NASCAR, Formula One, CART, IRL, and more. You can simply manage administration and reporting in tree view and arrange multiple windows for easy viewing of teams, races, cars/drivers, scoring, and leagues. You can build your own cars/drivers in forming your leagues, institute salary caps, and administer support for an unlimited number of cars/drivers, teams, and leagues. You can also use a multitude of scoring methods, including the ability to mix and match the scores from different racing series or define your own. Additionally, you can download race rosters and results directly from the RaceScore Web site.

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