GJ Chucky Egg

A fun for all the family Platform/Puzzle Game




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Description of GJ Chucky Egg:

Farmer Eggbert just loves eggs. He collects them from the chickens every week.He keeps some for himself and sells the rest at market, to make his living.All the people in the town, buy the eggs from the market at reasonable cost and are very happy and satisfied.This week the chickens have been taken over by a new kid in town. Big Boss Bird.He wants to sell all the eggs for a huge profit in the city. This will ruin Farmer Eggbert and all the people in the town, will go hungry.Can you help Farmer Eggbert to collect his eggs?.There are lifts to help you collect the eggs. Extra lives (you will need them)Enemies include: Chickens, Big Boss Bird, Fire, Dissolving Platforms and much more.Includes Install and Uninstall

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