Casanova - Are you a PLAYER?

Do you think you can get any BABE? Do you think you are a PLAYER? Prove it!




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Description of Casanova - Are you a PLAYER?:

Do you think you'r the "MAN" !! The king of all "Players"? Do you really think you have the moves, the grooves and the charms of getting any BABE?Well then "CASANOVA" is the game that will put your cyber charms to the ultimate test!!! All you have to do is simply "Get the Babe!", but its not so easy as it appears to be.This game thrives upon the seducing chase of getting a girl. But the real challenge lies in getting her as quickly and economically as possible.Yes! this is one of those cute addictive games where you go through the ordeals of finding out what she likes; taking her out on dates and captivating her heart with the right gift, but its not such a smooth sail! you never know what lies in store for you!So a word of advice; good strategy is a key factor. But beware if you cant handle the chase, the challenge and inevitably the truth, this is definitely not for you!!

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