Installation and management software for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004




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Description of SimControl:

SimControl will give you access to thousands and thousands of Aircraft, Sceneries and other add ons for your Flight Simulator. With SimControl even unskilled users are able to install and use most of the existing Freeware add ons. You can install ¨C manage ¨C change all installed aircraft, sceneries or air traffic flight plans. SimControl will check all installation files, so it finds missing gauges, sounds, effects, graphics, or wrong for-mats. SimControl eliminate all unnecessary files, generates automatically a consistent folder structure for your aircraft, and place all files to their correct places inside of your Flight Simulator. SimControl validate all used paths and correct errors if possible. Sim-Control register and check all installed and used gauges, effects, sound, panels, flights, sceneries, and Air Traffic flight plans. The integrated maintenance assistant checks all facilities in your Flight Simulator and your SimControl archive and give you a brief ex-planation of all errors and problems. And a lot more¡­ So come and see.

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