3D Hard Core

Destroy the world's most out of control supercomputer.




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Description of 3D Hard Core:

Hard Core, a 3D, power packed single player tank shooter, challenges you to seize and destroy the world¡¯s most out of control supercomputer, Hard Core. Armed with a security tank and some ammo, it¡¯s up to you to break into the complex and hack through 50 levels of enemy filled mazes, to take back control of the world¡¯s security, finances and communications by shutting Hard Core and it's 5 reactors down. It¡¯s a suicide mission, have you got the nerve ? The trial version is free to download and play and allows the player 5 trials to evaluate the product.Hard Core is powered by a 3D real-time physics based engine and features advanced enemy AI, high resolution graphics, superb sound effects, and intense game play.

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