Buildcity is a pretty city building and management strategy game taking place in 18th century.Features Campaign,open play and puzzle play modes.




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Description of Buildcity:

Buildcity is a strategy game about city building and management which takes place in 18th century.The game has many original features such as puzzle missions as well as addictive campaign and landscape graphics in the background.Buildcity offers you fun as well as challenge for hours.You can build a whole medieval city from a scratch and add many buildings including church, school, tavern, market, doctor, farms to lead it to the prosperity.Technical features include isometric view,beautiful 800x600 16 bit graphics,nice music,simple interface and great gameplay.The game has three playing modes:An addictive campaign mode which consists of 10 missions with increasing difficulty.Puzzle play mode which is the funniest mode with 10 challenging missions and open play mode in which you can build the city of your dreams freely.

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