BomberFUN offers you unlimited FUN. Decide with which of the 14 cute characters you want to compete against your friends locally, over LAN or Internet




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Description of BomberFUN PC-CDROM - DVD-BOX:

BomberFUN offers you unlimited FUN. It is one of the few games today which catapults you as easy into the third gaming-dimension as if computer games were ever meant to. The 3D sound will shift you instantly right into the action and the spectacular camera flights are going to make BomberFUN the highlight of the year!

Some facts for the curious: ; 5 stunning 3D worlds ; Up to 8 players at one PC, within a LAN or even over the internet ; 14 unique characters ; Up to 20 rounds of pure action ; Rocking 3D sound-effects ; Decent soundtrack ; A challenging artificial intelligence

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