A fun and simple to use game that is great for children 7-12 (adults will enjoy). Game uses the cursor keys for movement. Game manual included.Aim




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Description of Ball-Tastic:

Defeat the Forces of DarknessSandy is in trouble, and you have to help her!She's a young Chinese girl who stayed outdoors during a violent storm while everyone else fled inside - in the turmoil of the storm she witnessed a raging battle in the clouds between the Army of the White Light and the Forces of Darkness.Leaders of the Army of the White Light saw Sandy defend herself with a simple ball when bolts of wild energy were hurled at her by warriors from the Forces of Darkness. Sandy threw her ball to intercept the energy bolts so that she could escape unscathed, but the leaders recognised her skill and asked her to help them defeat the Forces of Darkness.Sandy now has a mystic shield and the means to travel magically, but she must use her shield to prevent her own ball from shattering on spikes of evil planted by the Forces of Darkness - some spikes are stationary, some spikes roam around - while destroying balls of evil energy.The battle rages in six Realms: Forest, Snow, Desert, Ocean, Volcano and Sky.There are three stages in each Realm, and each Realm is harder than the last!Great for kids aged 7 to 12 - Rated 'G'

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