FW Yack

FW Yack is a very realistic jackpot slot machine simulation for your PC.




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Description of FW Yack:

- All functions are supported by very realistic digital Sounds. - Every 3 wheels can be started or stopped. - The 3 jackpot functions makes this game still more thrillingly. - 10 different pay-outs can be won. - Up to 100 special games und Yack games can be won. - Money-, special games und Yack games can be risk, shared and assumed. - You can change the chance of winning a pay-out. - The chance of risk can change between 50%:50% and 10%:90%. - With the fast game function lasts a game only 2-3s seconds. - All profits are saved in a statistics file. These statistics data can be evaluated later. - The online help is in the program integrated. - FW Yack contains still many further functions this one all of them can here not at all be listed. More info's and hardcopys: www.pc-spielautomaten.de

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