Don't check the news, just download Copa update files for scores+stats daily during the cup. Also play your personal pool bet with friends anywhere.




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Copa is living with the cup: No need to check the news, you will be able to download update files for scores and stats daily during the tournament. You may also play your personal pool bet with friends anywhere: Enter your predicted scores before the cup starts and send them to friends. As real scores are entered, Copa will rate your predictions to see who takes the lot (play a pool for the whole cup, for the second phase only or for 1/8, 1/4, semifinal or final rounds). Plus, you will learn about game schedules for your local time zone, acces individual and team scoring stats, speculate with scores to see how your favorite teams may do and select your language from English, French and Spanish (German + Italian shortly).Please take 5 minutes to review the help items to make the most out of Copa once you download.

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