Blackjack Island Skull Casino

An exotic 3D casino adventure featuring 3D animated characters.




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Description of Blackjack Island Skull Casino:

Step into Blackjack Island's 3D world of fire breathing dragons, explodingskulls, and magical sleight of hand. It's Casino action like you've never experienced!Features:¡¤ 3D animated characters that deal, shuffle, breathe and a whole lot more¡¤ 3D, hi-resolution, 16-bit color graphics¡¤ Superb card artwork by Andrew Jameyson¡¤ Choice of 3 dealers with unique special FX¡¤ Choice of 2 exotic 3D environments¡¤ Choice of 4 stunning card back designs¡¤ Awesome sound effects¡¤ Customizable casino rules for doubling, splitting, number of decks, etc.¡¤ Customizable strategy tutor lets you know when you've made a mistake¡¤ Choose from 2 Basic Strategy tables or easily customize up to 9 others¡¤ Customizable card counting tutor

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