Tutorial Bridge

Tutorial Bridge is a program for learning the game of contract bridge while at the same time playing and enjoying the game.


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Description of Tutorial Bridge:

This self-playing computer program gives the reasoning behind each non-trivial bid that is made, or card that is played. The user can interact with the program at a rate that is consistent with his or her current knowledge of the game. The ability to undo any bid or play permits the student to compare his or her action with what the program would do in the same situation.You learn while you play. No need to absorb all kinds of details about bidding, card play, and scoring before you have any fun at playing the game of bridge.The program is for 1 - 3 players, and uses the Standard American 5-card majors bidding system. In Level 1, a reduced set of bidding rules and conventions is used - resulting in a fully playable, but less bewildering game for the beginner. Numerous example hands demonstrate the fundamentals.

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