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Secret of Tarot is a game for telling or predicting future, based on Tarot




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Description of Secret of Tarot:

Secret of Tarot is a game based on Tarot, universal language knowing of no boundaries. People who do not speak or read one and the same language can possibly establish communication using the symbolic language of Tarot. Origin of Tarot has not been clarified. Without any doubt, it is one of the oldest card games, making use of a whole world of symbols.A deck of Tarot cards comprises 78 card's. There are four suits with 10 numerically marked cards each, same as in modern playing cards originating therefrom; instead of three, however, the Tarot deck features four court cards in each suit. Besides, there also exist the 22 cards that are called the Trumps, or Major Arcana, every one of them representig one diferent symbolic picture bearing its own name.You can pose your questions to the Cross shaped spread or review your Line of life.Secret of Tarot is shareware program which can be used for 30 days. After that period of time, if you like program, you should pay registration fee.Program is integrated with interactive, web-based game on, where you can find additional tarot readings and short history of tarot.

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