Secret of Runes

A game for telling or predicting future, based on the old Germanic writing




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Description of Secret of Runes:

Secret of Runes is a game based on the old Germanic writing, which was from the very beginnings connected closely with magic and used for magic purposes and practices ? for telling or predicting future, interpreting destinies, as well as for attainment of goals striven for. Runes, the old Germanic writing, are found chiselled in rocks dating from as back as the Neolithic period. We can come across them through the length and breadth of the territories roamed by the Germanic tribes - from Scandinavia and Denmark via the Netherlands and Germany to Austria, however also in the West - in Iceland, in Ireland and England.You can pose your questions to Norns or Mimir?s Head.Secret of Runes is shareware program which can be used for 30 days. After that period of time, if you like program, you should pay registration fee.Program is integrated with interactive, web-based game on, where you can find additional runes readings, short history of runes and Scandinavian mythology.

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