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Description of Mascotte Blackjack:

Get ready for the most graphically appealing and fun 3D Blackjack experience out there! Featuring 24 opponents divided into two sections (twelve opponents for each section), with four different tables/background and twenty-four cartoon styled gallery images. Mascotte Blackjack appeals to all audiences due to it's cartoon styled characters (though the game tables are photo realistic) and the replacement of gambling with arcade style rules.

Ever shoveled cash into a fruit machine? Ever gambled away your hard earned cash at the tables? Ever been disappointed by betting on a dead cert, only to find out it was a drunken three legged mule? Fear not, Mascotte Blackjack is here to wean you away from your gambling woes. With glorious photo realistic tables and a host of crazy character to play against you'll find it hard to beat this masterful version of the classic card game.

You'll be addicted straight away without losing your life savings as you compete against far too many characters to win images in the gallery. It's not easy, the cards are stacked against you as you struggle against ever harder opponents to win the big prizes. There's amazing graphics, awesome sound and music and all round card shark fun with this super cool Blackjack simulation. If cards are your thing then this one is perfect for you.

Just another blackjack? Think again. This one has it all, beautiful design, slick game play, challenging and progressive difficulty - you won't find a smoother card game out there, trust us. So, what are you waiting for? If you're a solitaire player or if you fancy a quick game of cards but can't find a dealer or don't want to gamble away your dinner money then simply download the demo now. Remember to buy the full version if you enjoy this game to support independent games developers.

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