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Magic Workstation - powerful database and online play module for Magic:The Gathering game




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MagicWorkstation - software for MtG players.MWS features:Work with cards from all editions. Network client for Online play Build-in chat for fellowship and gaming. Automatic bind between card and rules with help file. High quality visual generation of the card. Posiibility to save card in other picture formats. Printing of the deck, proxy-cards, rules to the cards in deck, DCI play-list. Mulitlevel filters and search (AND / OR / NOT) Statistical and Probability analisys of the user deck + Buxter Analisys;Analisys and recomendations for user decks. Import of the rules and prices from the Internet. Automatic update of the MWS via Internet. Smart-generation of the BoosterPacks and StarterPacks. User's inventory databases. User's price databases. Decks import from Suitcase, Apprentice and Magic Library. Decks export in 9 diferrrent formats. Adding (import from spoilers)/deleting/edition's analisys. Full integration with Enteractive Encyclopedia. Support of the MS Windows XP stiles. ... and many more

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