Golasso League Card Game

Card game for Windows played on a football gridiron.




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Description of Golasso League Card Game:

Coach your team to the goal line in our card game played on a football gridiron. Played with four standard 52-card decks, Golasso can be played by two players or by one player against the Computer Coach. Drawing a face card starts a pass play. Drawing a pip card starts a rush play. On pass plays, you must decide whether to keep drawing cards to advance the ball or risk drawing a face card and having an incomplete pass. Beware of the Queen of Spades. The game features doubletons, punts, penalties, autogoals, interceptions and fumbles. Golasso League features sound effects of card games and crowd noise and a league scheduler that creates a round robin schedule and maintains league stats. The program sets up each game on the schedule and will set up a post-season playoff. A league playoff in the format of the FIFA World Cup can be automatically processed. Golasso all-time game records - Most Goals: 7 - Total Yards: 357

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