Championship Hearts

Discover a versatile Hearts card game with playful characters who challenge your skills. Play and chat online with friends and family!




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Description of Championship Hearts:

Discover Championship Hearts, a versatile card game with playfulcharacters who captivate your family while mastering your skills!Now you can challenge our world-class computer champions, engage yourfriends over a local network, or compete and chat in our new and freeglobal Internet GameSpy lobby.Beginners will enjoy hint, undo, replay, and other practice featuresalong with the introductory Hearts tutorial. Expert players willlove all the statistics and be amazed at how the eight different opponents will adapt and use advanced strategy such as smoking the QS,sneaking in moonshots, and other Hearts conventions. All card players will appreciate playing their favorite variationswith Jack of Diamonds, Spot, Gates, Sunshots, and hundreds of othergame and scoring options. Over 200 polished deck and table combinationsalong with hundreds of sounds make each game distinctive. Custom skinsallow players to share their favorite themes with their friends.Invite Championship Hearts into your home for a free 30-day trialand find out why so many other card players have found Hearts soeasy-to-learn, stimulating, and addictive!

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