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War Room is a graphical tool to help you plan moves, track games, and explore scenarios while playing the Avalon Hill Game Company's board game Diplom




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Description of War Room:

War Room will help you plan, play and enjoy Diplomacy?, the Avalon Hill Game Company's board game of negotiation and skill. As well as tracking your moves and resolving conflicts for a complete game of Diplomacy, War Room lets you add remove and delete units outside the normal game rules. This helps you consider different strategies and plan campaigns without having to work through a complete game.Key features include:* Orders are displayed graphically on a map of central Europe and you can resize the map to suit your screen resolution and the level of detail you prefer. You can zoom in on a section of the map to explore your troop movements more closely. After resolving conflicts you can quickly see which orders were successful. * A colour coded descriptions of orders provides more detailed explanations for failed orders and enables you to quickly check which units don't have instructions for the current turn. * All orders are easily entered with your mouse, using an intuitive graphical interface. War Room keeps track of the orders in all turns so you can look back over the game.* Orders may be imported and exported to and from text files (in a number of different formats, including Judge-style descriptions) so that you can played with friends by e-mail. * Shortcut keys allow you quickly access common tasks.* War Room can automatically save your document to guard against power loss or errors in the software. * Complete online help is available

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