Just The Facts, M'am!

A combination of Concentration with a splash of trivia.




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Description of Just The Facts, M'am!:

A combination of "Concentration" with a splash of trivia. Test your trivia knowledge and your memory while you try to match the clues with the answers in this exciting new game from The Alligator Pit. Win points as you make matches, and watch your points dwindle as you view hints, or peek at the board. You better play quick, each second costs you another point, but you can pause the game to catch your breath.
The game comes complete with 14 background images (you can add more of your own at any time), 80 basic facts (with images), and 43 U.S. President facts (with images) to keep you playing for hours. You can also download additional "That's A Fact" Packs to add the number of facts to the game. Fact Packs are available at no additional charge, but you must be a registered user to add the fact packs to the game.

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