Cargo Bay Deluxe

Save Altair-217 from self-destruction.




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Description of Cargo Bay Deluxe:

Altair-217 is an experiment in peace. A criminal group has vowed that it will fail, however. They have planted irradium explosive devices in cargo bays throughout the station. If these bombs detonate, the colonists will blame each other for the apparent sabotage, and all hopes for peace will vanish. Your job is to preserve the peace by clearing Altair-217 of all explosive devices. Suspense and excitement rule in this game.
You may choose to receive the software by downloading it online or by having a disc and printed manual shipped to you by mail. If you choose to download the software, you must make a backup copy of it in case you need to reinstall later. We CANNOT do this for you. Also, you must be familiar with installing downloaded software.
Unless you are sure you will never need a backup and you are very familiar with downloading software, we recommend choosing the option to receive the software by mail. There is a $5 shipping charge for this option, but this is money well spent if it makes it easier for you to install the software and provides a backup for you in case you need to reinstall in the future.
Please note that we cannot provide free downloads of purchased software should you need to reinstall in the future, and that due to international copyright laws, all online sales are final.

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