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The Bookbuilder CHESS openingprogram currently features the following:

(see also:, investigate, study, and improve your own opening repertoire ; Interactive Replay/animation of all the openings listed with opening &variant name ; Improve your chess playing ability by in depth studying of up-to-dates opening theory ; the fastest program in the world being able to read in, backcalculate, ??
and use large opening books (about 1-100+ ? Mb, used in Ram memory). ; Develop your own personally special opening repertoire,
for gambit play or correspondence chess ! ; Opening novelties can be found 'automatically', if they are 'better' !
(after you read in a pgn with played games withend-evaluation by a chess engine). ; Reading and adding extensive comments for different opening positions ; backcalculate your book x times faster than the equally priced programs ; Edit positions and analyse manually witch quick recalculation. ; Build your own power books from PGN quick and easy ; read in huge pgn GM files amazing fast, import for example
very easily the ECO opening system (in pgn), and improve it !
Compress database by removing moves only read in once (new!). ; Analyze your book with top-freeware chess engine Crafty (19.0)
(online, while adding lines, or offline by analyzing book) . ; Import only "quality" PGN files by defining maximum length. ; Export endnodes of your book to EPD format for import and analysis by chess engines ; Only unique positions are stored, no matter how often imported; full support of transpositions ; Play chess against others after Crafty book generation, with freeware Winboard interface
eg. on Internet chess servers, current rating on Internet Chess Club now more than 2900!). ; ; Extensive opening book (about 60000 positions) including most ECO?
opening variations included with program ; Get information about every opening(-name, )defined until this moment (2003)

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