Clear the screen of advancing pieces in 3D Bloobs, a surprisingly addictive and challenging game in which you have to put together three or more piece




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Description of Bloobs:

The goal of this game is to clear the screen of pieces (called Bloobs). Asurprisingly addictive and challenging game in which you have to puttogether three or more of the same pieces to eliminate them. Win the game byemptying the screen of all the pieces. You have at your disposal a bloob gunthat you control with the mouse. A preview lets you see the next piece thatwill be loaded into your bloob gun, making it possible to strategize yournext move. The game has engaging graphics and a lively and varied musicalscore expandable by users with their favourite MIDI music and backgroundpictures or graphics
WARNING: This game isn?t distributed under physical media like CD?s or floppies, just by an internet download.

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