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Description of Star Wraith 3: Shadows of Orion CD Version:

The adventure to save humanity awaits...

Embroiled in a brutal civil war, forces of the Alliance and Federation are unaware of the approaching danger until it's too late. The Lexington and its crew are alone and must face this new threat in the midst of uncharted space. You must use your wits, combat skills, and leadership ability to guide yoursquadron through several possible mission paths that will either lead to a climactic victory or complete destruction. Long-time enemies must become new allies and advanced prototype technology will be the standard in combat as the epic battle unfolds under your guidance. The fate of the Alliance and the entire human race rests with you...

Choose your role in the reactive storyline featuring an action-packed dynamic campaign as a squadron commander, then join other human pilots in multiplayer combat. With stunning graphics and special effects, an original soundtrack, numerous gameplay options and ultra-intense starfighter combat action, Star Wraith 3 is an ultimate 3D space combat simulation! Take control of the most powerful starfighters of the future in this award winning sequel.

The full game adds this and more:
; Choose your role in the reactive storyline with two possible endings; Join in intense Dogfight, Team-vs-Team, and Cooperative multiplayer combat; Navigate and master new interactive combat environments; Create your own scenarios with the built-in mission editor; Take on Instant Action gameplay that randomly generates missions; Customize your starfighters with several weapon types; Upload your multiplayer score to the Ace's Roster; Get free updates to future versions of the game; Get the free online strategy guide with tactics and cheats

Requires: 64 MB RAM, DirectX compatible 3D video card with 16 MB video memory minimum, DirectX compatible sound card, and a mouse or compatible pointing device. Joystick recommended for added control.

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