Snake Runner

It is something NEW! You can stop and with help of WEAPONS and BONUSES you can set mines, pierce the walls and many other. 80 levels. Cheat codes.




$15 (USD)


Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of Snake Runner:

    Snake Runner is something new! It's a high-quality game where you can operate the Snake, overcoming enemies' designs and your hunger, compete in completing the levels when the hares are constantly doing harm to you.
    The Snake can stop and with help of weapons and bonuses you can pierce the walls and destroy indesirable objects on each level and many other things.

    That is:
- Interesting graphics
- Convenient control
- Original sound
- Bonuses
- 80 levels
- Two types of the game
- Dozens of various skins
- 10 variants of speed
- Record table for each type of the game and speed, general records
- Cheat codes
- 5 level sets

    Once the hares planted a wonderful apple-garden. But one day they noticed that apples began dissapearing. The further the more. It was the Snake who was eating them. The measures were taken to protect the plantations. The location constructions were built, the troops were led in...To see the colored saga of the battle you can refer to the site

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