Classic retro action in this excellent official PC version of that great Amiga game POING, control your ball with amazing spin tactics to defeat the e




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POING!PC, The official PC version of the Amiga classic Poing, control your ball with amazing spin tactics to defeat the ever harder levels in this ultimate breakout challenge. For years people have been trying to recapture the gameplay and excitment of the Amiga version of Poing but now it's been done. All the original features are there with bucket loads of classy new additions to ensure your gaming experience is second to none.

Poing!PC turns the genre on it's side - literally - your bat is positioned to the left of the screen and the ball moves like a crazy mutha all over the place leaving great particle trails and bounce explosions as you battle to destroy the gate on the far right of each level to progress to the next zone. It's not at all like arcanoid, Poing!PC is completely original in many ways. The most noticable is the fact that if the ball slips past your bat you don't lose a life, you flick back to the previous level and have to catch it before you're forced right off the game area.

It's not easy though as the ball quickly picks up speed to frightnening levels, you'll be sweating in your seat just trying to save that last life and get to that next level! There's more levels than you can handle already included in the game with more packs being released as time goes by. If that's still not enough of a challenge for you then turn your hand to level design and create your own huge playlists of Poing!PC levels to share with your friends all round the world.

That's still not enough? Poing!PC catches just about every statistic each time you play so you can really see how you played with possibly the most detailed statistical analysis in ANY game on the market. Still not enough? there's a full features high scoring system with scores broken down by level-set so once you stop playing (some hours later, every time) you'll be able to gloat over your god like scores in this fine rewrite of an all time classic from back in the day. What are you waiting for? it's only a 5 meg download, grab it now and get playing :)

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