Jetpack Dinosaur

Classic retro gaming fun as you collect the flying cookies and avoid the mad scientists :)




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Description of Jetpack Dinosaur:

Control the titular Dinosaur as he pilots his titular Jet Pack around the non-titular sky, collecting biscuits and dog fighting with mad professors, who probably want to dissect him or something. Collect the full quota of biscuits before the time limit is up or poor Dinosaur has to work overtime. Why? I don't know and I thought it best not to ask. Classic shoot-'em-up action with a bizarre twist, Jet Pack Dinosaur is an addictive old school masterpiece that keeps you coming back for "just one more go" - and with support for web based high scores, you'll always have a challenging score to beat.

Remember way back when things were simple? Did you ever own a speccy or a c64? Did you ever race home from school and get straight on it pushing that essay aside for just a few games of your favorite? Jet pack dinosaur recaptures that feeling perfectly, everything is here except the 10 minutes loading time and brain mushing flashing borders. It's one of the coolest games we've played, simple addictive fun. That's all there is to it, good clean wholesome fun.

There's a rumour going round that M$ spent millions on it, the blue background in windows, trying to find a colour that was most productive - something to do with brainwave patterns or some-such. Jetpack Dinosaur gives you a far prettier shade of blue background and some really cute clouds, so in our opinion it's far better than that other product. Jetpack dinosaur has you racing all over the place, filling your huge belly with sugar sweet biscuits (Translation: cookies) in an effort to clear level after level of madness.

Then you realize that maybe you should be looking for the git that's causing you all these problems. Even thought the jetpack is cool that's probably not a good reason to continue this existence. That's when things get complicated, there's biscuits (cookies) flying left right and center, evil scientists bent on your destruction and a swarm of angered butterflies trying to pin you down, nobody knows why, nobody cares, just grab those biscuits, shake those butterflies off and sort out the menace of the mad scientist clan!

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