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GJ Games on CD has 8 Fun for all the Family full games.




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Description of GJ Games on PC CD-ROM:

Here is the list of what is on GJ Games on CD.GJ aMAZEING Pacman (52 + 4 Christmas bonus levels)Dweebs Maze Mania. (100 Fun Packed Levels,like Pacman )Dweebs World (50 Platform/Puzzle Levels )GJ Goldrunner (28 Platform/Puzzle levels )GJ Chucky Egg (36 Platform/Puzzle levels )GJ Funball (30 Cute Bat and Ball levels )GJ Powerball (20 Bat and Ball Levels )GJ Breakdown (A Never Ending Bat and Ball Game)You can download the demo`s to all of the games above at: http://www.gjgames.com http://www.gjgames.co.uk

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