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EasyTricks it is utility designed in order to compensate advantage of players playing greater amount of time. Nowadays the player having excellent reaction, high accuracy, good tactical thinking, can lose to the player who does not possess these qualities entirely, but obtaining advantage due to special tricks sharpened during the multihour trainings.Even long months of game do not give a guarantee on correctness and efficiency of performance of this or that trick. EasyTricks make possible performance of the most complex tricks by pressing just one key,allows the player to spare more time for studying maps, and to improve his weapon skill. Presenlty, program supports only UT tricks.Features:One key Dodging.One key Dodge-Jump.Customizible Dodge-Jump speed and turning angle.Shield Alert.Instant U-Turn.Fast UT run.Easy in use administation system that allows to close with password some EasyTricks features.Simple interface.EasyTricks its not a cheat! It don`t gives you any advantage against professional players. Its only give you a better chances(maybe much better)

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