Cosmic Bug

Cosmic Bug opens up the Arkanoid genre with 2 dimensions of game play - literally allowing you to pass the ball around the blocks with 4 bats, only go




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Description of Cosmic Bug:

It's arkanoid? NO! It's just pretty breakout? NO! Cosmic Bug has danger on all sides as you race to remove the blocks from the MIDDLE of the screen, this unique twist to the genre really shakes things up but if you thought that was all then read on...

Cosmic Bug is so feature rich we were amazed it was written by an indie developer, if you want action packed feature rich pro gaming then look no further than Cosmic Bug. With 100 awesome levels and bonus levels at regular intervals to give you more chance to make it to the end. With 18 different power-ups including 9 different user-selectable weapons. With 68 different bricks and 11 fantastic backdrops, oh and did we mention the 13 original cool music tracks, plus a superb intro tune not to mention the 64 custom engineered great sound effects.

This game is a real class act. Control is completely intuative as you move the 4 bats on each edge of the play area with either mouse or analogue joystick/joypad or a combination of both for co-operative mode. You'll love this challenge if you've ever enjoyed a game of breakout or arkanoid. If that's not enough for you there's a custom level editor to design your own levels. This one is too hot to handle, with outstanding gameplay and polished to the 9's.

Download the demo now! and remember that if you like this game and want more then buy it to support independent games developers. If you like to see new and original games out there, and enjoy playing something that's not just another mainstream over hyped 'same game again' then it's very important to support the guys that work so hard to bring you these titles.

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