Balziel and Doug

Platform mayhem for all ages in this race to collect the items. Help our heros through many levels of fast paced fun...




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Description of Balziel and Doug:

Control either Balziel or Doug in a classic old school platform game in the style of Jet Set Willy or Fire & Ice. Run, jump, avoid the villains, pick up various fruit and stuff and then head for the exit, it's a classic formula but with one key difference - instead of being fatal, contact with enemies drains your score. With a minimum score required to unlock each level, you'll have to hone your reflexes and time your jumps in order to progress to the end of the game. And with a big point bonus for making it through a level unscathed, you'll *really* have to hone your reflexes to earn a place in the web based high score table.

This game offer classic platform action in that old school flavour, with massive levels set in all kinds of places and times including wild west and arid deserts. B&D is one of those games that's really easy to get into and almost impossible to stop plyaing, great fun for all ages. If you miss games like Fire & Ice or Bionic Commando you'll really appreciate the time and effort our indie developer has put into this classic.

Why not just load up Unreal Tournement and frag some more loons online in a deathmap fragfest? Well, that's just it isn't it? All the games out there with huge budgets off exactly the same gameplay with just the latest pretty eyecandy that only runs on a super slinky machine. B&D offers you a choice, real old school gaming that's actually fun to play. You just don't see great games like this anymore.

Download Balziel & Doug now and then after you've been playing all night try to stop telling yourself 'just one more go', we don't believe you'll be able to, it's as simple as that. B&D is great fun for all ages with enough to keep you coming back time and again. Buy it today and support indie games developers :)

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