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Description of SAP - Aid to the Teacher:

The program SAP does the control of the data and existing information in day by day of a teacher. He stores students' personal data, their grades and absences, besides allowing the class plans cadaster, tests and descriptive evaluations. Such information are easily obtained by means of consultations and graphs that supply a solid base for precise interpretations about students' performance, assisting the teacher in his planning.Main resources of the program: students cadaster (including their photos); concepts definition for the grades; operation rules definition for each class room; monthly control of faults; class plans creation; evaluation activity and tests creation; descriptive evaluations creation; comparison and performance graphs generation; impression and export of all the given; general consultations and of easy utilization. The system was projected to be as flexible as possible, once many teachers use a different system from work. Thus, SAP allows to choose determined operation rules for each group, what it enables your use in almost all the situations, even though the teacher works on different institutions.The program owns two versions: LITE and PRO. The version LITE is totally free, without time to expire, but with some use limitations. The version PRO is not free, should be registered to liberate the limitations of the version LITE. It is possible to choose, in both the versions, the preferred language: Portuguese, English or Spanish.

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