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NanoWeb makes *your* Apache Web Server portable by dynamicially configuring Apache along with any support programs your content requires (MySQL, PHP).




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Description of NanoWeb Single Site Distribution:

     NanoWeb can be thought of as the Apache Web Server equivalent to Microsoft's Personal Web Server. In place of Internet Information Server (ISS), NanoWeb uses the world's most popular web server: Apache. But NanoWeb's set of features doesn't end there. NanoWeb does not require any installation on the local system to run*. All of its configuration information is stored in an XML document under its own root directory, not in the system's registry. This allows for unparalleled portability to any Win32 system* in virtually any computing environment.
     NanoWeb continues to expand beyond the capabilities of other 'personal' web servers by giving you the ability to run external programs as well as copy or 'edit copy' files, and copy directories at startup. These features allow you to do things such as dynamically configure PHP scripting for the local system, as well as startup other servers and support programs that your content requires (such as MySQL or ColdFusion). NanoWeb runs on all Win32 systems* and offers the ability to configure the Apache Web Server to respond to any hostname.
For DistributionThis version of NanoWeb is licensed for distribution, unlike Microsoft's Personal Web Server (also note that Microsoft discontinued development of PWS). NanoWeb offers you the ability to distribute your dynamic web applications to your employees, clients or customers regardless of their version of Windows**. This coupled with the fact that Apache is the world's most popular web server, chances are you won't need to touch a single line of code in your website before being able to distribute it with NanoWeb! Best of all, your users need only place the CDROM into their drive and your web site will startup automatically. There is no installation or configuration required to run NanoWeb*.
* - Assumes all system requirements are met (Win32 Platform, TCP/IP, IE 5.0+, Winsock 2.0). Windows 95 OSR1 users may need to run Microsoft's WinSock v2.0 update as Apache requires this version in order to function. The Microsoft WinSock v2.0 update is included under NanoWeb's 'Support/Win95' directory.

** - Windows 95* / 98 / Me / 2000 / XP and Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 are the supported Windows platforms. All other versions of Windows, such as 3.1 and 3.11 are not supported by NanoWeb.

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