Interiors 3.1 - Mac

3D design application that allows you to create realistic rooms with lighting, shadows and transparent surfaces.


3.1 Classic


$99 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of Interiors 3.1 - Mac:

Microspot Interiors gives you the power to quickly and easily create realistic computer representations of your design plans. View your 3D results instantly. Build your room by drawing walls and adding furniture. Make your furniture and walls more realistic by applying any of the included textures or your own scanned patterns to surfaces. Add lights and adjust their intensity and direction to create the desired effect. Make changes easily by resizing and repositioning furniture, altering room dimensions and other elements. Immediately view your room from any position or height with Microspot Interiors intuitive camera manipulation tools. Once you have saved a scene, use Microspot plug-in QuickDraw 3D renderer to produce a high quality, realistic 3D scene with lighting, shadows and transparent surfaces.

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