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Desktop Detective 2000 Windows Surveillance System.The only effective solution for Monitoring and Recording User Activity on Computer Systems runnin




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Product DescriptionDeveloped and Designed by BITLOGIC Software, Desktop Detective 2000 is the only effectivesolution for Monitoring and Recording User Activity on PC Systems running the Windows OS.This is a powerful software tool which is capable of Monitoring and Tracking user activity on anyPC system by storing this information to harddisk for later viewing.There are two Editions of the Desktop Detective 2000 which have both been developed and tailoredto specific user requirements and surveilance purposes.Desktop Detective 2000 Home Edition - For Family or Home based PC systems.Desktop Detective 2000 Professional Edition - For Multi-User Monitoring and Network Surveillance.The Home Edition is simple to use but does not have as many features or options found within theProfessional Editions. Both Editions are built using the same advanced coding techniques andinclude the following standard features:Recording of all Screen Activity.Recording of Applications in use.Recording of Keyboard Data Input.Recording of Internet Sites visited (even if the built-in Internet History and Cache are cleared).Recording of Explorer Folders.Detailed Activity Reports.Sorting, Saving and Printing Activity Reports.AutoStarting at Windows Startup or Login.Stealth Operation (monitor computer activity silently without the operator being aware).Some of the most advanced surveillance features are only available within the ProfessionalEdition and these include the following:Recording of Multiple user Login and Activity for each username.Recording of Online Calls to the internet with times and ISP IP details.Activity Reports filtered by Username or Date/Time.E-Mailing of Computer Activity Reports to a SMTP Mail Server.Advanced Settings and Installation options.Advanced Stealth Operation.Data Encryption preventing access to Activity Data Files or Reports.Remote Surveillance over a TCP/IP Newtork or Internet connection.

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