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Description of Crossword Compiler:

Create, edit, desktop and web-publish crosswords with this powerful software. The program has many professional features but is also easy to use. You can create vocabulary puzzles in seconds - just type in a list of words and the program will build them into a crossword for you - or fill in blank grids from a word list. It comes with a Java applet to put interactive puzzles on your web page, and you can also export in many other formats.

The Bundle options include lots of additional word lists (including different languages) and WordWeb Pro, a thesaurus/dictionary.

The Professional options include the Professional Grid Filler, the most advanced grid filling system available.

The "with Languages" option contains just the program and word lists for making Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Latin, Norwegian, Swedish and Russian puzzles. The Bundle options also include these language word lists.

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