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Chromatic Multi-Temperament Reference Instrument Tuner!




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Description of Chromatia Tuner:

Use your computer as an advanced instrument tuner.; Works with almost any instrument. ; Short response time! ; Range: 9 octaves, C1 to C10 * ; Precision: Better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8 ; Automatic or manual note selection modes. ; Reference tone option. ; 'Beat tone' option - tune without looking at the computer screen! ; Supports more than twenty different temperaments, from historic tunings such as pythagorean, meantone, just, or well tempered tunings, to the modern day equal temperament tuning. It also supports octave stretching! ; Easily readable tuning meter. ; 'Power button' makes it easier to share the 'audio input' with other apps. ; Optional real-time spectrum analyzer graph.

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