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Present your photos with music sound and transitions, superscribe Photos, create Slide Show CDs, Photo Websites and Screensavers and organize your ima




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DiaShow 3.5
With AquaSoftware DiaShow you can produce professional looking slide shows with less effort. It can handle more than 30 Image formats. The Images can be placed arbitrary on the screen,Transitions can be set, as well as text comments and much more. For every slide show you can play background music or record and play a comment for each image with the Sound-Wizard usinga microphone. The created slide shows can be saved and handed down.
Many Wizards help you to create self startingSlide Show CDs, even with more then one slide show or complete Photo Websites. The catalog application shows the imagesclearly as Thumbnails and keeps order with Keywords and a Search opportunity even in largerimage collections. It also enables you to jump to every position of your slide showwithin DiaShow-Player. An Import-Wizard enables you to import images from scanners and digital cameras. With the built in Image editing applicationand the Converting-Wizard, which is able to convert your images into another file format and to adjust the image size, other graphic programmes become unnecessary. Aditionally you can use the e DiaShow to change your Windows background.
Use the Screensaver Module to create a normal Windows screensaver out of your slide shows, which could be handed down to your friends for example.
The use of the DiaShow is very simple and logically, and is used even in elementary schools although it is a professional program. The detailed Help explaines every possible program setting.
Excellent all-round tool to process and manage images from digital cameras!

Some Features:
smooth image stretching (Interpolation); many different Transitions; Background Music (MP3, WAV, Midi); different Settings and Comments possible for each Image; Catalog with Thumbnails and Search opportunity (in DiaShow-Player, too); several slide shows playable in a row; CD-Wizard to create self starting Slide Show CDs(Images can be protected from access); Menu for several slide shows (on CD, too); detached DiaShow-Player (allowed to hand down with DiaShow-CDs); Screensaver module to create personal screensavers; Drag&Drop with other applications; built in Image editing application; HTML-Wizard for web pages; Converting-Wizard; Import-Wizard supporting Scanners and Digital Cameras; Sound-Wizard for recording sounds easily; personal Logo; Windows-Background-Changing; and many more...
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Image editing application
The DiaShow 3.5 did great in the Test, with 7 Image editing applications. The DiaShow got the most positive notes.
The Software has a clear concept, is easily learned and you can catalog and optimize images.DiaShow was "Shareware of the week" in the PC-WeltOnline.The editional office of Chip-Online gave 5 of 5Points to the DiaShow.The editional office of ZDNet-Deutschland called the DiaShow "exemplary" and gave 5 Points (best score). On the09.08.2000 the program was "Tip of the Day" at ZDNet.PCgo! wrote in issue 2/2000: DiaShow 2.0 [...] Theenormous plus is the really simple handling. [...]Chip called the DiaShow 2.0 in issue 3/2000 "Picture Blessing"Shareware Light Iss. 1/2000 praised the CD-creatingand the HTML-Wizard and gave 4 of 5 Points (DiaShow 2.0).ComputerPhoto (5/2000): The [DiaShow 2.0] is comfortableto handle and brings additionally to the replay modeof the Images professional Features.The DiaShow 2.0 was "Shareware-Tip of the Day" atSTERN-Online.The DiaShow was "Shareware-Tip of the day" The DiaShow has a place in G+J Computer Channel

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