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Course.pdf (2.82MB), contains the course, question list and the translation , total 176 pages, 43125 words, 245814 characters. The course delineates the all training process step by step, but one must know, this course is not Yiquan itself, you must add your own wisdom and training, only then you can get your own Yiquan. This course is the finger which points to Yiquan itself, it tries to point out the training way as direct as possible, and get rid of any unnecessary stuff. It seems succinct, but in fact, it contains the achievements of millions wise persons in thousands years. The way of Yiquan training opens into the ultimate realm of life. So please don't treat it lightly.PS: This program just has not the training video, others are the same as the program "Yiquan Course (PDF&AVI)", so if you purchased the program "Yiquan Course (PDF&AVI)" already, you need not purchase this one.

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